cooked up in the north end cooked up in the north end
Agricola Street Brasserie 902-466-7664 / 2540 Agrigola Street Halifax

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Oysters 3 each/dozen 24

Olives 5

Tomato Tart & Goat Cheese  8

Jojos 6

Charcuterie 18

Cheese 16

Spicy Marinated Mussels with Potato Chips 6

Samosas with Zucchini Raita 9

Buta Kimchi 7

Salmon Tataki 8

Cured Fish  8

Marinated White Anchovies 6

Burger 12



It’s official, the North End of Halifax is experiencing a renaissance. For those of us who put our…
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Lia Rinaldo
Local Connections

I don’t know what it is, but when restaurant servers are happy and friendly, the whole experience is enhanced. The food just tastes better, right?
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Sarah Graham
HuffPost Travel

“It’s pretty simple,” says chef Ludovic Eveno. “We went through so many different names and Agricola just…
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Allison Saunders
The Coast

Borrgeois Gourmet: Brasserie earns bravos for tasty hearty fare…
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Bill Spurr
The Chronicle Herald

When chef and owner Ludovic Eveno wants to select local produce for Agricola Street Brasserie’s menu, he doesn’t have to…
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Leslie Wu

902-466-7664 / 2540 Agrigola Street Halifax

We will be closed for a private event Saturday, October 7th and Thanksgiving Monday.
Happy Hour each day 4pm-6pm
Bar 4pm – Close
Dinner 530pm – 10pm
Closed on Sunday.