cooked up in the north end cooked up in the north end
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There are many items that restaurants ship in because it is easier than making them in-house. Agricola Street Brasserie makes them in-house. These house-made items include

  • Everything on our charcuterie board
  • All pickled vegetables including kimchi
  • All pasta except for gluten free
  • All breads, pastries, and desserts
  • Jams and preserves

Ensuring that the above house-made products are of the highest quality requires ingredients of the highest quality. Agricola Street Brasserie would like to thank those who help us by growing and raising these high quality ingredients

Konrad food service
Hooked fishmonger
Pete’s frootique
Fisherman’s market
Roma cheese
Fred Dardenne, Wild food & fine products
Riverview herbs
Oulton farm
Four season farm
British butcher
Maritime gourmet
Acadian caviar
Sober Island Oysters
Vermueulen Farms
Newlls Jewells

We’re looking forward to the new growing season when many of these producers will be growing crops and raising animals especially for Agricola Street Brasserie so that we may continue to bring you the best that Nova Scotia has to offer.

902-466-7664 / 2540 Agrigola Street Halifax

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Dinner 530pm – 10pm
Open Seven Nights a Week.